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From Italy With Love • Richmond’s Place for Carmen Zenna

Carmen Zenna is an Italian artist who has lived around fine artwork for decades, but in recent years has become an impressive artist of her own. Wife of realist landscape artist, Amleto Colucci, she observed as he painted countless coastline and landscapes. Several years ago Zenna began to learn painting with personal lessons from Colucci…

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Gerhard Nesvadba’s Stunning Artwork • Austria’s Best Art in Richmond

Artist Gerhard Nesvadba is known for having an exceptional use of vibrant color, frequently invoking “Oh, wow!”,  “Stunning!” and even one time a visitor hugged the landscape and purchased it.  To put it in one word:  Gerhard’s paintings are known simply as “happy”. Born in Germany, moving in his childhood moving to Austria, Gerhard Nesvadba’s…

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Spring’s Inspiration Inside Your Home • Richmond’s Maymont in Art

Springtime in Richmond is uniquely beautiful.  Once the azaleas start blooming and the warmth begins, we see many people stroll into the gallery with a new focus: Beautifying their home for the new season. Coincidentally, West End Gallery’s most popular themes are inspired by springtime in Richmond.                      Nothing says springtime in Richmond like Maymont’s…

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