Art Museum Etiquette 

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If you’ve ever visited any kind of museum, you know that there are rules, both spoken and unspoken, that you must follow. Common things like no running down the aisle and touching the exhibits are a given, but have you ever thought of the subtler things like voice volume or pacing? Whether you are a seasoned visitor or attending an art museum in Richmond, VA, for your first time, you may want to keep the following in mind:

Keep Your Voice Down

Art naturally encourages conversation. From technique to artistic intent to medium, there is plenty to discuss on the floor of an art gallery. Because of this, many art museums in Richmond, VA, offer guided tours to visitors. Keeping your voice down helps create that relaxing, intellectual space that many gallery goers seek.

art museum in richmond vaBe Patient

Have you ever visited an art museum and had the group behind you on your heels the entire time? This can be frustrating and create a sense of unnecessary rush, spoiling the experience. Remember, art is meant to be studied. Try to be considerate of the pace of the group before you. If you’re moving through the exhibits at a faster rate than the group ahead of you, try slowing down and paying attention to the technique and artistic detail.

Clean up after Yourself

Art museums in Richmond, VA, are meant to be a relaxing and enjoyable place. Don’t ruin it by leaving tissues or water bottles behind on exhibits or benches. Galleries work hard to keep a clean, distraction free space so that visitors can study and enjoy the artwork. Don’t ruin the experience for others by failing to clean up after yourself.