Spring’s Inspiration Inside Your Home • Richmond’s Maymont in Art

Springtime in Richmond is uniquely beautiful.  Once the azaleas start blooming and the warmth begins, we see many people stroll into the gallery with a new focus: Beautifying their home for the new season.

Coincidentally, West End Gallery’s most popular themes are inspired by springtime in Richmond.


Nothing says springtime in Richmond like Maymont’s gardens.  Many people are unfamiliar with the Japanese Gardens at Maymont, but if you have never seen Maymont’s gardens in the spring, please treat yourself before the blooms on the azaleas leave.  It is one of Richmond’s visual treasures, and it’s open to the public.  Just be sure to find the right location, as Maymont is gigantic.

Our series of paintings by John McLean of Maymont’s gardens allow springtime to live year round in your home.

McLean’s exceptional use of color and texture allow every leaf to have its own natural shadow, and every stone looks real.  We believe McLean’s Maymont series to be the best addition for a home looking for a landscape specific to Richmond, and wanting full of depth and warmth of color, adding a stunning impression to your walls.

Visit West End Gallery to view McLean’s stunning artwork of Richmond.