Why We Are One of the Best Art Galleries in the Richmond Area

Here in the Richmond, VA area, we love art and history. Our people are passionate and put a large amount of effort into making our art galleries incredible for our guests. Of the many art galleries in the Richmond, Virginia area, our collection is one of the best in town. From our elegant style to our variety or artists, we offer an astounding experience for anyone to enjoy.

Chris James, the owner of West End Gallery, possesses this passion for art galleries in Richmond VA., and local artists. He expresses his excitement for the newest art coming into the gallery:

“We just got in exciting new paintings from local artist Christine Rennie, involving a lighter palette with refreshing florals. Additionally, my own new collection of oil paintings, the first collection in ten years, are freshly finished and now on display! This collection involves heavy impasto painting techniques and relaxing water views. I am excited to present our local artwork in the gallery!” – Chris James

We have recently newly renovated spaces in our gallery, creating a more sophisticated look. View photos of our gallery online.

Art Available For Purchase

Our production is one of the best art galleries, not only because we present beautiful artwork, but also because our artwork is available for purchase to enhance the feel of your home. Whether you are in the Richmond, VA area or elsewhere, our art is guaranteed to heighten the elegance of your own living space. Our styles of art include landscape, portrait, abstract, and much more.

West End Gallery is one of the best art galleries in the Richmond, VA area because we care about our local artists and the beauty they have to offer. We cherish the colors and messages of each art piece and are proud to present them in our art gallery. Because we involve many different artists into our gallery, there is bound to be a work of art suited for your style.

Custom Framing

With 50 years of experience of framing services in the Richmond, Virginia area, we provide the best framing for an eye-catching experience as well as framing when you purchase an art piece from our gallery. Come in to the West End Gallery to see the old and the new of our collection and see for yourself why we are one of the best art galleries in the Richmond area!